Working with foils

green & silver foil adhered with fusible transweb
nlyon scarves, decorative stitching, then heat distressed
Trees painted with neopaque & lumiere paint,foil fused with 007 Bo Nash powder
cut back applique, foil applied with foil glue
foil glue, angelina fibres

 Foils are bonded to a clear cellophane layer which lies on top. When using foil, the color side is always facing up. They can be used with fusible adhesives, glues or any tacky product.

Methods of Application

Jones Tones foil glue may be applied with a paint brush, stamp, stencil or silk screen. It is water soluble so may be washed off tools and fabric while still wet. Wait for adhesive to dry completely on fabric before applying foil.

Wonder Under and Trans Web adhesives may be used for a more even coverage. With iron on cotton setting and no steam, heat foil using a rubbing motion and a little pressure with the tip or side edge of the iron( adhesive is between the foil and the fabric). Check to see if the foil has adhered to the adhesive. Wait for foil and fabric to cool completely before removing foil. Take care not to over heat the foil. If you lift it off too soon, some of the foil and adhesive will also be removed. For spots that are missing foil, you can carefully reapply a new piece of foil and heat again. For designs with a direction, draw a mirror image of your design onto the paper backing of the fusible web. Cut out the design and iron adhesive onto fabric, keeping paper between the adhesive and iron. When paper has cooled, remove it and foil.

 007 Bonding Powder can be sprinkled onto fabric and heat using a Teflon pressing sheet between powder and iron. While still warm, remove the pressing sheet and lay a small sheet of the foil over the melted powder and using a finger nail, rub foil into the powder. The fire scene was created using a commercial made fabric as the background. The trees were painted with black neopaque paint and gold lumiere to high light the edges of the trunks. We used 007 Bo Nash powder to create the embers in the sky.

Rub n Write pen may be used on firm surfaces. It is great for words, or small details.  Apply foil while adhesive is still wet.

Check instructions for individual adhesives to see if product may be washable. Some finished items can be washed in cool water on a gentle cycle. Do not put into dryer. Items may be ironed from the wrong side with care.

Points to remember:
*Always test foiling technique to ensure proper results before using on project.
* Use a smooth weave fabric that can withstand the heat of an iron.

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