tyvek fabric - creating texture

Tyvek fabric: heat distressed, painted stitched, glass beads
tyvek fabric painted with neopaque and lumiere paint
free motion stitching, using black thread
distressed with a heat gun
glass beads, painted detail for shadows

Tyvek fabric can be painted, cut, stithced and heat distressed. our first image shows our finished "bark" sample.  The tyvek fabric was painted with a mixture of brown neopaque and gold lumiere fabric paint.  Once dry, free motion stitching using black thread was stitched into zig zag deisgns inspired by peeling bark found on trees. 

We  cut slits into the open areas  not covered by the stitching.  This will encourage the tyvek to melt and curl away from these cuts.  Heat was applied from both sides of the tyvek to encourage rolling of the edges to both the painted side and away from it.

Glass beads were then glued onto the piece to add a little detail to selected areas. Finally the tyvek was mounted onto a pre painted piece of brown kunin felt.  We then painted black neopaque along the rolled edges to create the shadow effect.


yarn 2
rusted gauze
copper image