Rumor has it

Original Photo-beaded necklaces from Mexico
Month 1-applique, scrim, buttons, foil, couched threads, hand stitching
Month 2-knit wire, organza flowers, beads, buttons, wire lace, couched cording
Month 3-organza shapes, lutradur, beads, stitched disolvable stabilize, thread w
Month 4-beads, stitched disolvable stabilizer, lutradur, lace, painted fibres
Month 5-text on printer sheets, metallic thread, paint,organza
Month 6-silk fusion, applique, satin stitch, beads
Month 7-cut back applique, couched threads, painted fibres,threadwork
Month 8-painted fibres, lutradur, couched threads, beads, metallic thread
Month 9-painted fibres, free motion stitching, pieced quilting, applique
Month 10-painted fibres, strip pieced quilting
Month 11-painted fibres, strip pieced quilting
Month 12-painted fibres, metal shim, lutradur, free motion stitching, applique
Month 13-painted fibres, hand stitching, french knot button, machine stitching
Original photo

Our fibre art group started a challege last summer which we hope you will enjoy.  The challenge was to create a small 2 dimensional wall hanging no larger than  8 1/2 X 11"  The rules were simple:

  • we drew straws to determine the sequence..there were 13 of us participating...we started in July 2010
  • the first person chose the inspirational photo.   She then created a piece of art inspired by this photo for month 1
  • only the finished art piece was passed along to the second  person in line...who was to use this as the inspiration for thier own creation.
  • this process was repeated for the next 12 months, each person having  one month to complete their piece before passing along their art work to the next in line
  • there were no restrictions as to materials, techniques or subject matter....just inspiration from the preceding art work.

Our big reavel took place this week as we got our fist look at the completed challenge. Just like a rumour passed from person to person, the art pieces have their inspiration faken from the  preceding  month, but clearly take on a life of their own.

Interestingly, the sequence could have started in reverse order when you see the similarity with the final are piece and the original photo.


noro yarn
Staff photo