Making of an Art Quilt - part 2

Additional spiral applique shapes fused to background
Copper knit stitched onto base fabric
Copper strips woven together
Discoloured copper when heat is applied
use of a glue stick to hold collage pieces in place
Circlular motif repeated on the stitched evolon, glass beads
Angelina applique shapes, foil glue and foil

Since the base fabric was not exactly what she wanted, Susan cut additonal pieces of the spiral image from the left over base fabric.  These were fused onto the base fabric to mask some of the floral images on the original print.

A piece of copper knit was pinned and then stitched into the desired position on the art quilt.

Strips of copper have been  woven together  and secured with strips of masking tape on the back. This was further manipulated into a circular shape.  From a sheet of copper,  circles of various sizes were cut with heavy duty scissors and then  discoloured by the application of heat from a stove.  Care must be taken not to burn the copper, or your hands as the metal heats quickly.  A pair of kitchen tongs are good for holding the metal.

Additional circles  where then aranged onto the base fabric.  This circlular motif was further repeated with  shapes cut from  nylon, angelina fibres and  miscellaneous metallic materials.

The bottom corner was arranged  into a pleasing composition.  A piece of shiney fabric, some fused angelina, and then onto this the prepared piece of evolon.  The circular motif was repeated in the blue stitching used to secure these pieces onto the base fabric. Small blue glass beads have been glued into small groupings

In the final image, the prepared angelina applique shapes (backed with misty fuse)  are arranged into desired position and fused in place.  A thin line of foil glue is distributed around these pieces and left to dry.  It will be tacky and clear when ready to apply foi.  With color side upwards place foil onto glue and rub with a finger.  The foil will stick to the glue easily.foil,

Designer cottons 1
copper image
rusted gauze