Making of an Art Quilt - part 1

completed art quilt: mixed media
Paper pieced New York Beauty
Paper pieced New York Beauty
Baste pieced section in corner and trim
Angelina fibres fused into a sheet, then fused to misty fuse
Applique shapes cut out of angelina/misty fuse sheet
Piece of netting fused to angelina/misty fuse sheet
Painted evalon: cut with soldering tool

The images shown over this and the following blog entry will detail  the steps taken in creating our mixed media art quilt shown at left.

A background fabric was selected ( a bali in this case)  and a medium weight fusible stabilizer ironed to the back (we used fuse a shade)

The pieced circular shapes were sewn using a paper pieced New York Beauty pattern.  An assortment of cotton, polyester and nylon fabrics were used to create the concentric pieced circles.  Place in corner of background fabric, baste in place and trim edges.

Our fourth image shows angelina hot fix fibres. Using an iron, we fused a selection of angelina fibres  into a flat sheet .

On one side, a layer of misty fuse adhesive adhesive was heat set with a iron.  Note that a teflon sheet or parchment paper is required to protect the iron from the misty fuse adhesive. Some curved applique shapes were cut out from some of the angelina/misty fuse sheet. 

With  the remainder of this angleina/misty fuse sheet, place on parchment paper, with fusible up, and place a piece of netting on top.  Cover with parcement paper and iron to fuse. Set aside

A piece of evolon fabric, painted with fabric paint was cut into a scroll design.  A soldering  tool works well to "cut " the material which will not fray.

yarn wall
Staff photo
Felted Pillow